Breakfest come back !!! Bigger line up – more decos – huge mapping a some more art in the area!

Confirmed line up:
Jeff23 /SP23 UK/
Mike Dred – The Kosmik Kommando /Rephlex, R&S Records UK/
Mickey Meltdown /Audiotrix – SP23 UK/
Bad Girlz /Iixindamix + Sim Simmer/
Dave the Drummer /Hydraulix UK/
Neil Landstrumm /Scandinavia-Peacefrog UK/
Tobias Schmidt /Sativae-Scandinavia UK/
Jerome Hill /Don’t-Super rhythm trax-Fat Hop Records UK/
Ling Ling /Obscur AT/
Enko /Obs.cur AT/
XTECH /Okupe FR/
Enki /Okupe FR/
Ben Metek /Metek FR/
Agent Rackitt /LBdB-Stay Up Forever UK/
Zoe Pounder /Brighton 303-LBdB-Therepy UK/
Syber Symon /Hackney Sounds-Free party UK/
Eddie Santini / Resilient, Toolroom, Raw,Lowering the Tone CANADA/
Max Volume /SP23 UK/
Jason P…ypower /P…ysypower productions Scotland/
Joss Crooks /UK-CZ/
Pozek /Multiplan Kollektiv /AT/
Lego subsound groovebagasch djs /AT/
Many /Groovebagasch, GB4ce/
Pte (Lego, GB4ce)
Nebula /Groovebagasch, GB4ce/
Tribal Engineers /CZ/
K.D.S /FR/
Konix /Audiotrix FR/
Aala /CZ/
Rusty /Matchbox-We Are CZ/
Bazooka Joe /Cirkus Alien CZ/
Z-Aires /Mayapur/
Kadleczek /Mimik/
Brektor /Mayapur/
Viktor /Mayapur/
Nick Ita /Granko CZ/
Midirama /CZ/

Special decorations from Wrekon /Mutoid Waste/ builded for Mayapur sound system and breakfest 🙂

Videomapping by Morf Kinocirkus and friends on some nice big deco.

Decorations by 3ART agency

Lights by exVip and Buřtik

Special big top half open air stage 🙂

Thursday till end 500 czk / 20 euro
Friday from 12:00 till end 450czk / 18 euro
Saturday from 12:00 300czk / 12 euro.
Parking :
Car 150czk 6 euro , Van 200 czk 8euro, Truck 250czk 10 euro

SUNSARA stage:

Goatree & Rusty Carbon / SK
Inspiral X62 / DvoikaTroika
RaveBoy / Roots’n’Future
MTZ /Dura, AT/
Mad4ce (RNF / Metro)
Krobas (Q59)
31 Stiches
Cress / Dream On Crew
Martyzan / USE

next djs and live act soon

Oakzulum chaishop
USE infirmary Bar

Meziricko, Czech Republic


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