Acid Night 03 by Mr Gasmask

Acid Night 03 by Mr Gasmask



By toolbox :

Of course the Acid Rebirth is the masterpiece here, in a sense. A bloody good reprise, totally replayed with hardware of the rebirth from jones and Stenfenson on bonzai… finishing on a big frustration : still some work for the DJ ! But also with the Interstellar Delivery, Mr Gasmask brings a superb Techno Trance tune… At least AFX fans will enjoy the last tune, the Arboria Tribute : A superb acid broken stuff, in the pure oldschool tradition of this owesome style.
200 Copy Limited !
Label: Acid Night
Titre: The Acid Rebirth

A : Interstellar Delivery
B1 :The Acid Rebirth
B2 : Arboria Tribute

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