Acid Night 04

Acid Night 04

an4v an4r


Label: Acid Night 04
Titre: Password : Acidcore

– B1 – Cyclic Dica
– B2 – Acid Shock

by toolobox :

Three previously unheard tunes elewhere… composed specially for Acid Night, after Pzylo’s venue last year at the party… Kaiken brings a big Acidcore sound, loud and fat, 160 BPM. Cyclic Dica is the Downtempo 134 BPM Hard Techno acid track. Rare style and bloody effiicient & agressive, but still funky enough to groove you away ! … Acid Shock is more mental, 145 BPM Hardcore beat (Doom acid ?). Superb progression growing up to madness !

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