2 live sets on 2 plates. Cut at max volume as possible by Shane the Cutter.Spleandid realese expressing how Live sets are a way to enter some deadends and how crazy it is to escape them. Defenitly a Challenge, an Artistic way to make music rather than to mix tunes on a computer…Enter the Jaquarius …

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Support the label and order here:kromatoneslabel.bandcamp.com/album/kt01…lavours-ep

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Dj DRD & FUNNY WAX PRODUCTIONS have the honour to welcome Lityk, Sterling Moss & Nuw Idol for the second EP of the label SPHERIC SQUARE. The English artists give us a track that celebrates the TB303. And it’s definitely the small silver machine that takes over the world and brings us together to rave! …

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Buy vinyl : STAY UP FOREVER: www.stayupforeverrecords.com/product.ph…duct=31110Buy vinyl at DISCOGS: www.discogs.com/Chris-Liberator-S…/release/13451094

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A1 – Benji303 & Lee S. – The Only Good System…A2 – Benji303 & Mobile Dogwash – Pattern Of A SpiralB1 – Benji303 & Witchdoktor – D115 AcidB2 – Benji303 & Jack Majic – Frequency THE ONLY GOOD SYSTEM IS A SOUND SYSTEM!

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Remix by Chris Liberator and Sterling Mosss of one of legendary track on stay up forever ! ACID CULTURE, TECHNO CULTURE, UNDERGROUND CULTURE, REBEL CULTURE Headrush Tactics – Rebel Culture (Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss’s Rebellious Remix) Available on vinyl from www.stayupforever.comAvailable soon on digital from www.909london.com

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Loczii & Jamal – Hidden 303’s Ciuciek & Jamal – Apocalipse Jamal – O Wy Zbóje Noradrenalin & Jamal -Let’s put a smile on that face

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This is a preview for Flatlife Records 016. This one is created for the new compilation at Flatlife Records: « That’s What I Call Flatcore ». Episode 1 has one track of Jack Wax on the other side an excellent track of Pzylo (in 2 parts). Flatcore = Hardcore Acid Oldschool 90’s Feel Trance Core.

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Artist: DJ Pierre Presents / Various ArtistsTitle: Acid 88 Volume 3Label: Afro Acid PlastikRelease Date: April 13, 2019 (Record Store Day)Cat. No: AAP018 A double LP of 1 Black + 1 White vinyl of 12 killer acid trax selected by legendary pioneer DJ Pierre featuring Mark Archer, A Guy Called Gerald, K’Alexi & Tony Lovelesss, …

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Planet Techno – Dub Signal (Red Vinyl) – Bad Boy Pete A1  Bad Boy Pete   Dub Signal   A2  Bad Boy Pete   Dub Signal (Biri N The Geezer Remix)   B1  Bad Boy Pete   I Love Drugs   B2  Bad Boy Pete   I Love Drugs (Biri N The GeezerRemix)   Available …

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Scratchmix – Double Dedication (Limited Edition) A1  DJ Redmond And The Geezer – Double Dedication   Sample A2  Tassid And Eski – New School Frequency   Sample B1  Tassid – Banjax 101  Sample B2  Chris Liberator And Sterling Moss – Pressure  Sample Available on : stayupforeverrecords.com A new label created by Chris redmond who comes with force to propose you four …

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Noradrenalin 2   – Trip To Rave Stock noradrenalin –  Trip To Rave Stock – 8.35 Noradrenalin Records 2015, Limited Edition. Single Sided, Available on :noradrenalin@noradrenalin.com.pl Begin soft and become savage with full acid line completly crazy, this is the second vinyl record by Noradrenalin

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Planet Techno Special 001 – the violators A1  The Violators   The Future Of Music   Sample A2  The Violators   A.C.A.B. Fuck The Police  Sample B1  The Violators   Bassface  Sample A special release by planet techno for a revolt on the dancefloor Available on stayupforever.com

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STAY UP FOREVER 102 – This Is The Way We Do It A1  Steve Mills & Chris Liberator   This Is The Way We Do It   Sample B1  Sterling Moss   Blow The Speakers  Sample Available on : stayupforever.com

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GETAFIX 0015 – ACID PARTY A1  Bad Boy Pete   Acid Party (original)   Sample A2  Bad Boy Pete   Acid Party (System Rejcts Remix)   Sample B1  Bad Boy Pete   Acid Party (Chris Liberator & The Geezer remix)   Sample B2  Bad Boy Pete   Acid Party (Sterling Moss vs Miro Hardparty remix) Sample …

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STAY UP FOREVER CLASSI 005 A1 Crash N Burn Santa Pod sample B1 Magnum Force Unlucky Punk sample the back of a legendary track « unlucky punk » with suf classic available on : stayupforever.com

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The sound of hardfloor, always in their old school style for happiness in your ears and the dancefloors HARDFLOOR 23 1. Flugtechnik 2. Duck Down buy here: http://shop.hardfloor.de/de/vinyl  

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The sound of hardfloor, always in their old school style for happiness in your ears and the dancefloors HARDFLOOR 22 – VARIOUS ARTISTS 1. Attention, Attention! Hijacked Synths! 2. Amalafisseacid 3. Raw Silk Buy here : http://shop.hardfloor.de/de/vinyl  

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Acid Test Pressings 27 BENJI 303 The Advent Of Acid 1. « The Advent Of Acid » – Sample 2. « The Advent Of Acid » (Acid Ted vs Matt Acidic Jah The Mind remix) – Sample the amazing sound of acid test pressing with always this energy and massive bassline for special jumpers !!!     ACID TEST …

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Acidcorp003 – Fuck Groupies this is acid music from catalunya and barcelona hahahaha 🙂 Yeaaaaah tis is just what we wait for full fresh acid techno with which you feel the good vibe and rebel style, this is the vinyl you want and play for big smiles and riot on the dancefloor !!!! A1 Ignacid …

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HIVE 009 – Robosapien The 9th of HIVE records with always this strong rolling and bassline who stick you on the dancefloor A1 Sterling Moss & D.J. No Comment – Robosapien – Sample B1 Squat Dom – Fuck Ya System – Sample B2 Tassid & Eski – Wake Up – Sample Check it on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30793-robosapien.html …

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Project303/04 – Tax This A1 Steve Mills & Paul Elemental – Tax This  Sample B1 Sterling Moss & Steve Mills –  London Has Fallen To The Aliens  Sample Check it on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30794-tax-this.html   Project303/04 – Tax This 

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ABUSIVE 303 – 06 – Fooled By Consumerism   A1 Chris Liberator & The Geezer – Fooled By Consumerism  Sample B1 Mobile Dogwash & John Tuxman – I Need Help  Sample Check one on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30795-abusive006.html   ABUSIVE 303 – 06 – Fooled By Consumerism

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Carbon Audio Records 06 A1.Rene – Reiter – Quantum Rush (Original Mix) A2 Rene Reiter – Quantum Rush (Darc Marc Remix) B1 Rene Reiter – Quantum Rush (Jack Wax Remix) B2 Rene Reiter – Quantum Rush (Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Remix) Prev homepage : http://carbonaudiorecords.comAvailable on triplevision:http://www.triplevision.nl/release/CARBONAUDIO006  

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Just a word to speak of this CORROSIVE 05 and it’s « BRUTAL », stop the words and go to listen sample to live what I live now !!!!! BOOM   Corrosive005 – R.T.S. A1 System Rejects – R.T.S. – Sample A2 Tik Tok & Brentus – Maximus Delusional – Sample B1 Austin Corrosive – Turn This Shit Up – Sample …

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Rowland the bastard and steve mills for the new bionic orange to come in the dance ! Let’s Dance – Rowland The Bastard Bionic Orange 024 A1 Rowland The Bastard Lets Dance (Original Mix)  – Sample B1 Rowland The Bastard Lets Dance (Steve Mills Remix) – Sample B2 Rowland The Bastard Rumour Has It – …

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Oniroblaste Records 007 A1 Chris Liberator & The Geezer – Tinker Tailor Soldier Raver A2 Asher & Jamsh – Psy-Clone B1 Mo_Ogwai – My Lovely Little Freaks B2 Agitation Live – Calacid44

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International Riot Records 001 Melbourne Cops Riot Squats (Orange Vinyl) A1 Syndrome Melbourne Cops Riot Squats B1 Syndrome Melbourne Cops Riot Squats (Chris Liberator & Darcmarc Remix) B2 Syndrome Melbourne Cops Riot Squats (Geezer Remix) Syndrome, big actor of the scene acid techno in Australia, propose you his new label, international riot record. In a …

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Label: Dirty Sound Records 001 A: Tassid & Eski – Down BoyB1: Vlado – Still Do The ThingsB2: Ciuciek – It’s Like That First release for dirty sound, a new label from poland with youngs artists cuciek and vlado for tracks acid techno where the bassline sing in full power  and tassid in his style squat party …

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Angry Voice – The Dice SUF Vs Beetroot A1 – The Dice Ft Tiddles Angry Voice (Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Remix) – Sample A2 – The Dice Flash (Geezer Remix) – Sample B1 – The Dice Ft Tiddles Angry Voice – Sample B2 – The Dice Flash (Dub Version) – Sample This is the crazy …

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Rebeltek 02 Hit Me With Your Acid Box (Silver Vinyl) Sterling Moss A1 Sterling Moss Hit Me With Your Acid Box – Sample B1 Sterling Moss Hit Me With Your Acid Box (Geezer Remix) – Sample Out on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30775-hit-me-with-your-acid-box-silver-vinyl.html Hit Me With Your Acid Box, is the new bombing track by sterling Moss for rebeltek2 …

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Tekno Mulisha 01 Various Artists A1 D.D.R., DVS, & Syndrome – Tekno Mulisha – Sample A2 Wez Strange Betty – Bit A Blue Bit Of Butter – Sample B1 Syndrome & Neocortex – Beaut Music – Sample This is « techno mulisha », it’s punk, it kicks your ass, it’s from Australia and it’s aciiiiiiiiiiiid technoooooooo !!!!   …

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Scythe Squadron 12 Jaw Dropper by Various Artists A1 Geezer – Jaw Dropper – Sample B1 John Rowe – Cattle Prod – Sample B2 Osmo & Athar – Synthetic Garden – Sample Yeah it’s always a pleasure when scythe squadron out a new release, it’s like to wait for a present and you have not …

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GETAFIX 014 – VARIOUS ARTISTS A1 « Bad Boy » Pete No Liberators No Acid Techno B1 « Bad Boy » Pete No Liberators No Acid Techno (Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Remix) B2 « Bad Boy » Pete No Liberators No Acid Techno (Biri N The Geezer vs Miro Hardparty Remix) Out on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30771-no-liberators-no-acid-techno-clear-orange-vinyl.html   Getafix records celebrate 21 years …

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Makes Me Dizzy 01 – Rajce A1 – Travel To The Game A2 – True Acid B1 – Acid Mood B2 – Drama Buy it on : http://www.toolboxrecords.com/fr/product/22132/tribe/makes-me-dizzy-01/ This is MAKE ME DIZZY, new french label by sisme sound system with four tracks by sagsag23 in an acidcore and pumping style. Make me dizzy, make me crazy !!!! …

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Sterling moss and Biri for planet techno 5 with three tracks massive and aciiiiid !!!!! Planet Techno 5 (Red Vinyl) by Sterling Moss & Biri A1 Sterling Moss & Biri Planet Techno Sample B1 Sterling Moss & Biri Imminent Attack Sample B2 Sterling Moss & Biri Planet Funky Sample       PLANET TECHNO 5 – …

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No, system rejects is not here to send you flowers, but kick your ass like a dirty punk who burns the system !!!! SYSTEM REJECTS 004 is a monster of acid techno build by punk and dirty acid freaks  !!!!     SYSTEM REJECTS 004 DDR – Reject The System Gash Generators – Mischievous Bodily Harm …

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Sometime when you listen a track you have this nice sensation who gives you a natural smile on your face and you say « yeees it’s like that i love the music !!! », and Squat Dom with « Going Equipped » have given me this sensation !!! Thank you guys 🙂 Abusive 303 – 05 Going Equipped Squat Dom …

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Ho yes, it’s not fucking hard style..It’s techno ! This is ACID TECHNO with the new EP by stay up forever where Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss With Mark EG & Chrissi, send you two tracks full power with all the ingredients to cook the best in acid techno !!!!! Stay Up Forever 101 It’s Not …

0 32

Acid Night Live 02 by E-wok A – Experiment in the Sound Lab B – The Chaos Theory Do you want to listen live set on vinyl, ho yes It’s possible with the french label acid night from Paris. For this number 02, this is E-wok a french producer who send his live act for 30 …

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A1 Biri N The Geezer – Alien On Acid B1 Biri N The Geezer – Whats Out There? Check the special flight for the acid techno galaxy driven by biri and geezer with two tracks specially made to dance with aliens on acid 😉   Out on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/acid-techno/30758-alien-on-acid-green-vinyl.html  

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New label come in force from Australia, they are not beginner and will promise you massive acid techo tracks for freaks and punks !!!!

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