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Check the  very interesting interview by hardfloor on nerdyframes.org to know more about the duo.

Hey Hardfloor thanks for talking to us at Nerdy Frames, so how did Acid become apart of your overall sound? For many of us it came with the whole Chicago scene in particular Dj Pierre, what about you?
Oliver: I was into electronic music since the 70’s (Jean Michel Jarre, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk etc.) but I’d never thought about production because the equipment was way too expensive. When I heard the first productions which included a TB-303 around 1983 (like Shannon – “Let the Music Play”, Chris The Glove Taylor ft. Ice-T – “Reckless”, Newcleus) I felt there was something new and very special about it but I had NO idea what is was.
Later when Acid House swapped over to Europe around 1987 I finally discovered that the machine was called TB-303. After my first productions with Ramon in 1991 when we “emulated” the 303 sound with a Roland Juno 106 we managed to borrow one for our remix of A Guy called Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray”, and then we discovered that there really is no way to copy this sound we’ve wanted soo much (and the built in sequencer).
That’s when we bought our own two 303s in 1992 (together with a 909) and our first production was our legendary Hardtrance Acperience EP.

All interview here : http://www.nerdyframes.org/hardfloor-the-interview/

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