A new bomb in mental acid come in a new label by the producer sifres who have already produced many greats tracks !
In this release we will be absorbed by the track "government control" with this activist side and hypnotized by his heavy sound and fantastic bassline 

have it or die !!!! 

A1 – Sifres – Government control

B1 – Sifres – The music or the misery

B2 – Sifres – Drkmnr



Sifrec 001 by Sifres – Government Control EP – Vinyl 12" + Free MP3 release (320kbps)

Will be available from (at least) the following shops; 
Toolbox (Online + Shop)

Dekloned (Online + partyseller)

Rec-Order (Online)

Current Form (Shop)

Teknosucks (partyseller)

Toeter (partyseller)

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