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Hard, Fast & Stupid (Stay Up Forever 106)


Stay Up Forever 106 launches at Retroflex tomorrow @ Bloc in Hackney Wick!!

The Wipeouts have produced their first E.P. for SUF, so in celebration, Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator & Sterling Moss will be taking over the night in various configurations, to celebrate this long-awaited acid techno banger.

To coincide with the release party at Retroflex, Stay Up Forever will also be making the tracks available in digital multi format for the first time, so WAVs & AIFs will be available from Friday 6th December through Bandcamp.

Records will also be available from January 2020 for all you vinyl junkies.

Check out this sample of SUF106 AA: ‘Hard, Fast & Stupid’. Can you guess which Wipeout is which??

Join us tomorrow for this momentous event…

All London, all Acid, all Techno.

Preview of Stay Up Forever 106 AA

The Wipeouts (Sterling Moss, Chris Liberator & Aaron Liberator)

‘Hard, Fast & Stupid’

Available on multi format digital through Bandcamp from 06/12/19

Available on vinyl January 2020 from

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