AVINIT 04 – ACID ANARCHY – VARIOUS ARTISTS A1  Acid Steve and Steve Mills   Acid Anarchy   A2  D.D.R.   Skank On!   B1  Mobile Dogwash & Ron Atomiser   Wolf In Dogs Clothing   Out on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/acid-techno/30750-acid-anarchy.html  

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With the new avinit, enter in a corrosive world "Late at night" and feel the acid and the kick bass run in your brain. 🙂   Avinit Records 002 Late At Night/For Sean Acid Steve/ The Geezer A1  Acid Steve   Late At Night    B1  The Geezer   For Sean    Out now on : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/vinyl/30640-late-at-night-for-sean-white-label.html Samples by : http://www.stayupforeverrecords.com/

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  Raves Like This by Acid Steve And DDR New label acidtechno avinit want to kick your face with acid sound full groovy and anarchy "RAVE LIKE THIS" is just the perfect track with who you feel all the good vibe that you bring the london acid techno yeah rave like this and love this …

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