El Club (Original Mix)

Adventures always bring some kind of danger, some can bring repercussions that will not be seen

reflected even into a future that is expected never to come. Things are always not the way we want them

And sometimes those who act good don’t get good things back. Love and hope are two things that have

kept the light alive in humans, in families and in places where its inhabitants sometimes do not want

wake up the next day.

In the middle of the darkness, small rays of illumination bring with them new signs and opportunities for

what the fate of those roads, has to find us prepared.

This short album of 3 songs brings us a dynamic line between experimentations and fusions of ambient with

acid at fast speeds, influences of the techno sound that was born in the cellars and abandoned places in the UK and europe; where amplifier walls are paved in and class, race, or other differences cease to


These songs are a representation of anguish, uncertainty, injustice, strength and self-improvement.

Written, Produced and Masterd by Dabih303

2019 – 2021

Bucaramanga, Tunja; Colombia

Acid Mountains Records Studios

ArtWork by @Ser_Design on Instagram

RELEASE DATE: 13/06/2021






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