Fraqtal City I (downtown techno mix)(citylover EP)

I used Remaker to convert my Rebirth RB-338 compositions into midi and worked it out in Cubase. I add some voice samples and I did not used the original Rebrith sound, only hardware : 4 analogue clones and analogue drum machines. Do you also want to try Rebirth RB-338 & Remaker (for free), go to my site for more info and downloads :

This track should actually come out earlier but was much more work. The data from Remaker has to be remixed, that’s why it became the techno downtown mix

You can download this Track in MP3 format for free on Freeteknomusic & EV_Home Site. For high quality WAV format (for sale) go to Bandcamp (48khz) & EV_Home Site (44.1khz).

Check out this amazing video clip for this track ! :