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The Art Of Acid – HFCD04

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The art of acid,  new album by hardfloor for a long and nice trip in acid land, it’s eight track to love acid music.

The Art Of Acid
Dark Shadow
Analogue Bubbletea
Bubble & Squeak
Swag My Glitch Up
TB Continued

Out on :


HARDFLOOR – “The Art Of Acid” – HFCD 04


2.”Necessary Roughness”

3.”The Art Of Acid”

4.”Dark Shadow”



7.”Analogue Bubbletea”

8.”Bubble & Squeak”

9.”Swag My Glitch Up”

10.”TB Continued…”


12″ HF019

A.”Tweakend” 7:51

B.”Necessary Roughness” 6:26


2×12″ Vinyl – HFLP 04

A1.”The Art Of Acid” 8:19

A2.”Swag My Glitch Up” 5:48

B1.”TB Continued” 7:06

B2.”Bubble & Squeak” 7:02

C1.”Dark Shadow” 7:37

C2.”P.E.L.F.” 6:39

D1.”Analogue Bubbletea” 7:05

D2.”Rwndrb” 6:46

out now: CD / 2×12″ + (1×12″) / Digital

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