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Dj DRD & FUNNY WAX PRODUCTIONS have the honour to welcome Lityk, Sterling Moss & Nuw Idol for the second EP of the label SPHERIC SQUARE.

The English artists give us a track that celebrates the TB303. And it’s definitely the small silver machine that takes over the world and brings us together to rave! Sterling Moss is a prolific artist (present on over 40 labels) who has not yet finished making the techno world dance. His music is precise, the sound is always true and the style remains distinctive. Modern, he however remains fond of his favourite weapons: TB303, MC808, TR808.

Placed third in the competition launched by the generous Irish label OPEN SOURCE RECORDS, Lityk gives us a remix straight from a proper Norman rave! He takes apart the original piece and adds everything required for things to get crazy in front of the speakers. No efforts are spared to rock the house: a clever mix of pitched techno and tribe, radical samples, covers and well-tailored end-of-sequence breaks. DJs and clubbers will go wild! Lityk is a DJ producer who is well-versed in covers and collaborations. Continuing his already well-filled career, he is piling up the releases with various labels (Subsonic, Toolbox, Narcosis).

FZL Rotating aka Philoops has dug up and freshened up an old 2011 track. Its uncompromising, progressive old school sound will show you that raving is about you on the dancefloor! For maximum enjoyment, we recommend playing the track at 45rpm minus 8…

Thanks to OPEN SOURCE RECORDS, Sterling Moss & Nuw Idol for their trust and faultless collaboration.

SPHERIC SQUARE is a project run by friends sharing the same passion: Rave

This disk is for all ravers.

Side A – 45rpm:

Sterling Moss & Nuw Idol – Silver Domination (Lityk Remix)

Side B – 33rpm:

Sterling Moss & Nuw Idol – Silver Domination (Original Mix)

FZL Rotating – URave

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Mastering by « Riino » Digitraxx

Graphic design by Pinkfuel

BigThx to Open Source Records


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Check out the label’s first EP: SPHERIC SQUARE 00

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