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5 novembre 2015

Phuture – Live at Block 9, Glastonbury 2015

Acid daddies for a live old school acid
17 juin 2014


Vidéo de la soirée partouze numeric avec chris liberator et dave the drummer au bikini à toulouse !! grosse orgie sonore et visuel :))))

Video of the party with chris liberator and dave the drummer @ lebikini – toulouse !!! big orgy on the dancefloor with big sound and visual

26 août 2013

JACK WAX STUDIO DEMO – Creating Acid with XOXBOX & Sh

Jack Wax in Studio giving 5 minutes demo how to create acid with XOXBOX & Sherman Filterbank 2. Track used: Thomas Will – Pounding (Jack Wax Remix) for 5th vinyl on Flatlife Records.

5 avril 2012

The Quicksilver 303 CPU upgrade for the TB-303


What is it?
The Quicksilver 303 is a complete drop-in replacement for the TB-303 CPU. It includes a completely rewritten operating system that extends and improves both PATTERN and TRACK modes.