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MONKEY001 Oliver Lieb – Radja
MONKEY002 Commander Tom – Sixax / More monkey buisness…
MONKEY003 DJ Kliprock & Rob Devz – The Pump / Initiation.
MONKEY004 Chris Liberator & D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Progress / Rolling.
MONKEY005 Bronx Bombers – Mr Biggs / Madness / The Rhythm.
MONKEY006 Monkey III- Da Noise / Playahaterz / …and God said.
MONKEY007 Vrabac’s Sync – S.P.E.E.D / Roganda / Psy Loops.
MONKEY008 Vrabac’s Sync – Child Like / Tako / Kokice.
MONKEY009 Commander Tom & Walter Ercolino – Monkey IX


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