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9501 Octodred Big Foot EP
9502 Octodred Double Dipped EP
9601 Octodred Technological Illusions Vol. 1
9603 Octodred Technological Illusions Vol. 2
9606 Octodred Untitled
9608 Octodred Psychik Monk EP
9612 DJ Cyclone 909 Trax
9613 DJ Cyclone Innersense EP
9614 DJ Cyclone Untitled
9701 Psycometric / DJ Cyclone Acid Fluff
9703 DJ Cyclone / Octodred State Of The Planet EP
9704 Various The Best Of My Box
9704 – CD Various The Best Of My Box
9705 DJ Side-Phone / DJ Cyder-Klone Acid Fluff
9707 Unknown Artist Breakbeats 4 Teknoheads
9813 Various Sonic Weaponz Vol. 1

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