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Label speed acid with little trance cretaed by acidted

01 Acid Ted Howard you like it Michael? / Wicked Man.
02 Acid Ted Acid Overdose / 1999.
03 Acid Ted & Teknotyx Acid Conspiracy / Monkey Tennis.
04 The Merry Pranksters Stoned Longterm / Can you pass the test?
05 Acid Ted Infected Rejected / Punani.
06 MJ12 Do something a little different / Acid Ted remix.
07 Teknotyx Time becomes a loop… / Walking Mutants.
08 The Merry Pranksters Zzzzzzz / Acid Trippin’!
09 Acid Ted 21st Century Acid / MJ12 remix.
10 Pranksterz Possessed Minds / Hoover Uprising.
11 Pranksterz Use your Head / Loose your Head.
12 Mobile Dogwash Smelly Sox / Pranksterz remix.
13 Acid Ted The Unknown / Bassman
14 Pranksterz & Fickle Steve Get Loose / I am!
15 mobile dogwash – dynamic int apeshit / winowlickersdayou
16 acid ted, dynamic intervention one consciousness / untitled

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