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Sous label d'acidwars il se veut le rassemblement d'artistes venant de divers horizons mais à tendances aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

ACIIIEEED! is a division of Acid Tracks Germany and Communiqué Records USA
This project is made by DJ ESP Woody McBride, DJ Man At Arms & The Meyham Lecture Series!

ACIIIEEED! est une division des labels acid tracks et communiqué
Ce projet est réalisé par DJ ESP Woody McBride, DJ Man At Arms & The Meyham Lecture Series!

ATA001 – Acid is my life
a1 – John Selway – Acid Morning
a2 – Mike Hawk – Freak
b1 – Magoo – 67
b2 – Roland The Bastard – Rackitt

ATA002 – The language of Acid!
a1 – Frankie Bones – Ecstasy Express
a2 – TJR – Ear Worm
b1 – Matheo Murphy – Brush
b2 – Mystic Bill – Take Me Back

ATA003 – I love Acid!
A1 – Barada (Bryan Zentz) – Stranger Daze
A2 – DJ ESP Woody McBride – Put a smile on your face…
B1 – Rob Acid – Ultra Disko
B2 – Electrik Rescue aka D’Jedi – Electric Rescue

ATA004 – Acid can save the world
A1 – Essit Muzique – Essit Muzique 1
A2 – Motor – Jizm
B1 – Mark EG & Chrissy – Someone at my Acid
B2 – Mr. E Tones – Acid Freak Out

ATA005 – The acid made me do it
Acid Police
White Rabbit

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