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Braingravy Records is a label run by Steve Mills, in partnership with AstroFonik collective.

001 – Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss with Steve Mills – Powerful Substance
Steve Mills – Disco Shit
Dj Triplex vs Zellkern – Dual Core002 – Sterling Moss & Steve Mills – Electric Landlady
Rene Reiter – 18 Year Old Cat On Acid
OB1 – We Will Get Fooled Again003 – 303 Pirates – No More Fucking Rock n’ Roll
Steve Mills – Acid Underground
Tik Tok – That’s Got To Change004 – Sterling Moss & Steve Mills – Ride The Snake
Mobile Dogwash – With A Parsnip
Jack Wax – Burn Out
005 – Steve Mills – Your Doing It
Bonz & Josh Inc. – Jezza Takes Coke
Rats on K (AcidMutant – Palo – Ignacid) – Barcelona Resistance
006 – Steve Mills & The Geezer – That’s The Shit
Sterling Moss & Destro – Powerdriver
Ben Fraser – Dribble Bib

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