Important Records was founded in January 1993 by Udo Welcker.
One of the bests labels for these tracks qualities

Important record a été créé en janvier 1993 par Udo Welcker.
Un des meilleurs labels pour ses morceaux de qualités

01 Plank – Acid Wars
A Acid Wars
B1 Breath Of Brooklyn
B2 Cosmic Reflections

02 Paranoia X – Sonic Attack 2001
A Sonic Attack 2001
B 2525 (Year Of Coming)

03 Acrid Abeyance – The Catacomb EP
A1 Tranquil
A2 Minimalistic
B1 Crying Bassline
B2 303 Delight

04 Unknown Structure – Monotraxx Vol. 2
A1 Hypnotic Dimension
A2 Axxon
B1 Theme From Unknown Structure
B2 Helixcoid

05 Pergon #1
A Sub-Bass Experience
B1 The Deliverer
B2 Jungle Love

06 Liquid Bass – Acid Raiser
A1 Acid Raiser
A2 Trancemission
B1 Paradise
B2 Music 4 The People

07 Acrid Abeyance – The Exposure EP
A1 Exposure Track
A2 Acid Blubber
B1 Dynamique Twins (Remix)
B2 303 In Love

08 Infrequent Oscillation – Hihat Escalation
A1 Hihat Escalation
B1 Burning Phibes
B2 Ghost In The Bassline

09 Acrid Abeyance – Bon Appétit
A1 Speed Freak
A2 Exposure Track
B1 H.A.P.P.Y.
B2 Pacific Pace
C1 The Fugitives
C2 Resograde
D1 Tranquil
D2 Magnetic Overture

10 Plank – Attitude EP
With An Attitude
Acid War (Acrid Abeyance Remix)

11 Moguai – Performance Tonique
A Performance Tonique
B1 Jet Ranger
B2 Mushrooms

12 Dr. Fernando! – Ruhr Belgium Connection
A1 Joint Hover 1
A2 Joint Hover 2
B1 Sci Fi FX
B2 Swirly
B3 Well Oiled

13 Acrid Abeyance – The Remix Project
A1 Exposure Track (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix)
A2 Minimalistic (Arpeggiators Remix)
B1 Minimalistic (Commander Tom and Ray Boye Remix)
B2 Exposure Track (Cybordelics Remix)

14 Holo – Movement Vortex
A Vortex – Explosion
B1 Internal Ear
B2 Sat. 3:33 AM

15 Origin (2) – High On TB’s
A1 High On TB’s
A2 Allnighter
B Acid!

16 Never Singe
A Singe
B1 Dripping Blue
B2 Hellbent

17 Moguai Presents Magoo Project
A Lowgo
B Torqueflight

18 Yamul – Planet Crash
A1 Planet Crash (The Sun)
A2 Planet Crash (The Moon)
B Fields Of N.

19 Christian Linder
A Falling Down
B Unreality

20 Acrid Abeyance – For Your Safety
A Seatbelt
B1 Oxygen
B2 B747

21 Pergon #3
A Shicka Go!
B Loop Therapy

22 Magnetfique – Whip Up A Storm
A1 Whip Up A Storm
A2 Whip Up A Storm (Pulse Mix)
B1 Edge Peak
B2 Monocym

23 CPU Out Of Sync
A Out Of Sync
B1 Env. Mod.
B2 Warrior

24 Christian Linder – Plenty Of Time
A Plenty Of Time
B1 Skills
B2 Prepared

25 RGC Women’s – Infotainment E.P.
A1 Madame
A2 Cosmopolitan
B Vogue

26 Claas Reimer – Up 2 Full Speed
Up 2 Full Speed
Fix Ed Groove
Me + My House

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