NowThat’sWhatICallAcidVolume303 Tracks 1 through 36.

Release Date. 30/3/2024 on Bandcamp
A collaboration of 36 Artists to help raise money for our friend Sharon ( Ronnie Grafter ) to purchase a mobility scooter . She has MS and doesn’t move so well. We thought we may be able to help.
The only rules for the album release was that the tracks had to have a 303 in it. There were no restrictions on genre.
We ended up with a really nice cross section of tracks i think you would agree.
Please note that this release has nothing at all to do with the now thats what i call music franchise. We are just a load of Acid Heads trying to do something for the power of good.
The Artists are in no particular order :
Jay Singh, Nomad, Scott Hallam, DeeJay Jones, Dr.Evil, Jerzz, Chris Prole, DJ Arg, Jim Scavenger, Sean Dexter, Random Disco, Nerds With Acid, Computer Controlled, Lee Harvey,Budal 303, Accent Buster, dyLab, Strait Jackit and the Loopy Tiger, Perseus Trax, Paracas Topara, Mark Allan, Nick Nufftrip n Mr Ellis, Ob1, Steve Mills & Paul Elemental, Bubbless and Nesbit, MOZO, damounta, decoder 303, Bassline Ben & Aggie Acid Line, Randolph Glahs, Joseph Garber, Geezer, Papaverhof, bRz, Alavux, ‘King Mental.
For those purchasing the whole album you will receive 4 dj mixes free of charge

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