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Label created by Osmo, Athar and Artificial with nice influence london acid techno

Label créé par Athar et Artificial avec une grande influence de la scene acid techno londonienne

Osmo / Kam-Pain Get Your Scythe
Osmo – Soul Crusher
Kam-Pain – Emerald City

Osmo – 2023 ‎
A – 2023 (Original Mix)
A2 – 2023 (Tyranoid Vs. Micheal Strongstream Remix)
B – Shock To The System

A.P / Paul Cortex / Germ – The High In Chicago EP
A – A.P – High In Chicago
B1 – Paul Cortex – Can You Handle It
B2 – Germ – The Control Box 23

Osmo – Drug Addict ‎
Drug Addict (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
Remix – D.A.V.E. The Drummer
B1 Drug Addict (Jamie Taylor Remix)
B2 Drug Addict (Original Mix)

005Rhythm Technologies / Jamie Taylor / Rene Reiter – You Must Comply ‎
A – Rhythm Technologies You Must Comply
B1 – Jamie Taylor Bad Sector
B2 – Rene Reiter Starhunter

Scythe Squad / DDR & James Kinetec / Ben Fraser – Stop The System ‎
A –Scythe Squad Stop The System
B1 –DDR & James Kinetec The Cross Joint
B2 –Ben Fraser Tek Stream

007Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss / A.P / Acid Chochi – Punk Attitude
Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Punk Attitude
A.P – Subway Shocker
Acid Chochi – Techno Sincero

Syndrome – MFT
A MFT (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
B1 MFT (Chris Mate Reconstruction)
B2 MFT (Original Mix)

Ant & K.N.* & DJ Nakahara / Ben Fraser / Osmo – Tomei Kosoku ‎
A – Ant & K.N.* & DJ Nakahara Tomei Kosoku
B1 –Ben Fraser 2424
B2 –Osmo Bang Your Bitch

Chris Liberator, Darc Marc & Athar / Sterling Moss / Osmo – Inside The Government
A – Chris Liberator & Darc Marc & Athar – Inside The Government
B1 – Sterling Moss – Rebel Rouser
B2 – Osmo – Acid In My Mind

Sterling Moss – Fire In Babylon
A Fire In Babylon (Original Mix)
B1 Fire In Babylon (Ant & Thermobee Remix)
B2 Fire In Babylon (Jack Wax Remix)

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