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Label london acid techno created by mr burns

01 mr burns & the geezer We are Acid-Junkies / Welcome.
02 mr burns & the geezer Sugar-Cubes at the Paddock / On a Techno Tip.
03 mr burns & the geezer Ave some of that! / Tec’d Right Up!
04 mr burns & the geezer No Vocals / Acidelic.
05 mr burns & the geezer Too many trips… / High Grade Acid.
06 Chris Liberator & The Geezer Nice Acid! / Raptor.
07 mr burns & the geezer Dance / Smiley Acid.
08 The Geezer, DJ Cunt & K.N Tokyo Acid / When push comes to shove…
09 Mr Burns, The Geezer, Aaron Liberator & Rachel Rackitt Thrilla Killa / Land of Nod.
10 mr burns & the geezer The Darkside/FunkeyMonkey
11 mr burns & the geezer pitchmode / timemode
12 geezer mabel syrup / coconet husk
13 mr burns & geezer man vs machine – machine vs man
14 ddr gotta be down / bang goes da bass
15 mr burns & geezer www / underground city

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