Dr. Marius b2b Nebula @ VEZNICE BEATZ (CZ) – Saturday Night Acid Vibe – 18/07/2015

Have fun with our (first ever, finally) b2b set from the fantastic VEZNICE BEATZ Party (Czech Republic), recorded saturday night at the massive CIRCUS ALIEN / MATU / PARATOX / POZOR SMETI / HIT THE MACHINE / TUF stage!

BIG UP to ALL the Soundsystems involved – the ATNT / CYBERRISE / NIMATEK stage, and the psychomental kickassfloor by PEACE IS DEAD – it was a bonkers weekend we’ll never forget!

Cheeeers to all the good old friends, new friends, smiling frontrow ravers and soundfreaks from all over europe we’ve met there, see ya soon again!!! 🙂

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