System Rejects are an autonomous collective of techno artists and producers, an anarchist co-operative united through our passion for stomping techno music and our free-thinking nonconformism.

We will be releasing a series of limited run special edition 4 track EPs, exclusively on vinyl. Our releases will feature tracks from the very best of the UK’s new wave acid/techno producers, international artists and stalwarts of the underground scene who share our punk ethos.

Each release will be strictly limited edition – we are pressing only 100 copies of each record and there will be no release on any other format. System Rejects vinyl records will be exclusive collectors items and will be distributed only by the collective and our trusted partners.

We reject distributors, major labels, bland, generic, corporate entities, mass markets and government controlled industries. We reject the system. We are the System Rejects.

A1 – Austin Corrosive – Nothing
A2 – Tassid – Eat Your Own Face
B1 – OB1 – Factory Grade
B2 – MK303 – Three Oh Three

A1 – MK303 – Drugged Up
A2 – Austin Corrosive – Sharks With Lasers
B1 – D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Tassid – Sexual Advance
B2 – OB1 – Fight War (Not Wars)

A1 – Wake ‘N’ Bake – The Devil’s Rejects
A2 – MK303 – Dangerous
B1 – Austin Corrosive – Bitches
B2 – Tassid – Latino Staccato

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