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Zeta records has been created in
april 2001 by woxo, yale and rask, the music of these 3 musicians is
influenced by acid and hardtekn

Zeta Records voit le jour en
avril 2001 formé par Woxo,Yale,Rask La musique des 3 musiciens est
fortement marquées d'une touche "cosmike" ou se mele hardtekno et acid


Zeta 01 – Yale, Woxo & Rask – Predator Request Ep
A1 Yäle – Phone Request
A2 Yäle – Fucking Préjugé
B1 Woxo & Rask – Predator 2001
B2 Woxo & Rask – Space Tek

Zeta 02 – Woxo – Crop Circle Ep
A1 3 samples
A2 Acid Circle samples
B1 Pole Shift samples
B2 Platefoot samples

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