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Liveset For Acid Reflex Radio (Jan 2014)

Here’s my set from Acid Reflux Radio 27th Jan 2014

All tracks written & produced and mixed by John Rowe


John Rowe – Malarkey (Yolk)

John Rowe – Get on Down (Yolk)

John Rowe – Dilation (Stay up Forever)

John Rowe – Ping Pong (Filth Infatuated)

John Rowe – Victim’s of LSD (Interstate One)

John Rowe – Fools Rush in (Interstate One)

John Rowe – Hypnohigh (Superconductor)

John Rowe – Beyond the Threshold (Unreleased)

Chris Liberator – Techno Purists (John Rowe Remix)(Smitten is Dead)

Jerome Keys – 1am (John Rowe’s UK Acid Remix)(Hypnohouse Trax)

Fogmountain Soundsystems – We love Techno (John Rowe Remix) (Hypnohouse)

John Rowe – World gone mad (VCF)

Geezer & Choci – We’re gunna do a song.. (John Rowe Remix)

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