Connections 23 (Part 1) – Techno/Acid Intro – 2013-11-23

damn f**king wow – that was proper raving. ^^

great party, great vibe, great music – can’t remember when we had that much fun playing in the small hall. (i even fell in love – with our new secret weapon: a pair of NoiseControlAudio Asym3P-Tops, used as dj-monitoring. next level brilliancy, insane bass pressure, huge punch, crystal clear sound reproduction, and no pain. )

I was happy to start the night and do the intro – taking it up slowly, but surely. from acid funk to deeper hypnotic techno stuff to hard & monotone to in-your-face-303-madness. there was no real plan, but i had huge fun imrovising.
For quite some time now i planned to record a straight Techno-/Acid-Set. Well, this is my current version, not at all perfect, there are some rough edges, but who cares – as long as it takes you on a ride. 😉

happy trippin’! 🙂

—> Watch out for the other recordings from that night – Top-notch-Action-Jackson-Power-Sets by ___Miss ‘Yesssiiiddd’ Katinka, ___’the Mammut’ Many23 b2b ‘broken bro’ Yrah, ___the mighty ‘Matchbox’ Rusty turning it up to eleventeen (Big Ups & See ya soon, mate!!), ___and Grilli ‘Marathon’ Willi with the final climax.

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